2nd Corinthans chapter 4. verse 7.

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves.

This is a verse that shows that even in our weaknesses and sometimes when we lack full faith.

God entrusted his power to us. That alone should make us proud that the creator of this earth will trust us. Knowing full well that those who will obey his commands. Will walk the walk and not just the talk, that they will let more of him come into us. As we have less of self, allowing the Holy Spirit to manifest himself.

A s we do that the full power of God will transform our lives to be the righteous persons that God is looking for. God made a covenant with Abraham because he was righteous. And now many years down the line he is looking to offer the same choice.

In our old human nature we could not receive this. But God trusted certain humans to alter and receive this covenant. Now that is this awesome trinity willing us to receive the fullness of the trinity.

Father,son and Holy ghost and the full power of the blood of Jesus. On offer to all who will take it up. Now that is power, divine power and there is nothing in this world to match it. No atom bomb and the like comes anywhere near it.

As this world is fearful of the full power of a nuclear war and afraid of the nations that have them. The divine power that is in a true born again word believing saint, will spread around this world and there is one person from this trinity that will return to this earth, Jesus himself.

Cut in on a conversation of an unbeliever talking to his friends. Look at this, the Jesus that his saints have been preaching about. Look at his glory and feel the power. Will he introduce us to God?, no you see because they say he is God. Christians were taught by his spirit, now that is going to take some taking in. Three in one,wow such power, such love and full of grace.
All because God trusted us with his word, our belief in his son and we listened to the Holy Spirit. Now that is real power Holy Ghost style, one thing more we had better move in this power. Or else we are nothing else but a damp firework that will not light!