In the very first verse in Philippians we find. It says Paul and Timothy servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. What a statement! here is Paul saying that his spiritual son was to minister alongside him.

There are many ministries today that need a Timothy to come alongside of them. To be a minister or Pastor takes a great deal of time and work. Hence the need for more likeĀ  Timothy. Up for the challenge? if so study the word of God and see if that is where you are being led. If you get the call, then go for it and pray with your leader to see if you are in agreement. If you are, he will be well pleased.

In this day and age there will be more of a need for people to come alongside whoever God has put in authority in his church. There is a new move coming that will turn the church on its head. There will be opposition that will come from religion. That means those in leadership will get it first. They will need their Timothy”s and whoever supports them will be blessed.