Our Elijah

1sam-2-2James chapter 2. verse 14-29.
Reminds us that faith without works are very much like a person that enters a race. Then waits for the starting gun, if it is not heard then they stay at the start. Then they never move and everybody else has gone

We can all do this sometimes when the Lord is moving us out of our comfort zones. You know the one, this is for somebody else!. Well God would not let Elijah alone. Nor would Elisha let Elijah put him off.

I think Elijah knew from his own experience that the life of a prophet could be very hard. but Elisha had heard that voice and he knew he had to do something.

We ask God to use us in mighty way, could be that God is wanting us to smite the waters of the river of abuse that comes against Christians. Food for thought and that includes me. Notice that the command is to smite the waters. To smite is to do it with all of our might. If we want that double portion, then we need to go all the way. There is a river that flows from the throne of grace, so go ahead and smite it!.

When we do that God will never sell us short. He is prepared to use us as much as we want. Just hold on because it is quite a ride!.

A fresh outlook

There is a revival of the prophetic word happening in the Church today. It is not confined to the Evangelical or Pentecostal. Which is where it often comes, the mainstream traditional churches are seeing this happen.

Of course wherever this happening you will get opposition from the usual Pharisees.. Who will try to stop anything that moves them away from their comfort zone. But the word of God can not be stopped, delayed yes . This is an exciting time for the church. We have young people and old who are hungry for the truth.

We have the Holy Spirit who will teach us all things in spirit and in truth in Chapter 1. of Thessalonians verse 19. We at told Do not quench the spirit of God. That is a very stern warning and we would do well to heed it. People who do that and continue to do it. Will have to account for this when they get before the Throne of Grace and then the judgement seat.

That is why we have to pray for ourselves in this area and for those who quench the Holy Spirit. We do not want to lose anybody, or a Church. So it is our responsibility to pray for them. The Holy Spirit will pass by such churches and people. That is something nonebible_lamp of us want, some of us are blessed with the Holy Spirits presence. That does not mean we are not to share our knowledge around.

Somebody showed us the way and we are to do the same. Because we are accountable for our actions. There have been and now are increasing, prophesy’s that are saying that the wind of the Holy spirit is increasing. This is in such a way that young and old are sitting up and taking notice. There is no doubt that we are living in very exciting times.

This is a time when we shall seek the real Jesus. Not just knowing about him, but knowing him in a real and personal way. Now if that will not make us excited nothing will.

Jesus prayed

That I will pray to the Father and he shall give you another comforter. That he may abide with you forever, even the Spirit of truth. Who the world can not receive because it sees him not. Neither knows him, but you know him for he dwells within you. And shall be in you

That is a promise that will never be broken. But listen to this promise. ” he will be with you forever” Wow what a promise from heaven. He is described as the Spirit of truth, which he is. He will only ever give us words that are in line with the word of God.

The world can not receive him because they see him not. The Holy Spirit can be seen interwoven in the word of God and he speaks to us if we will listen. The world does not believe in him and you can not receive something you do not believe in.

And the lovely bit he lives inside of us. He will speak whether it be in the word of God or a voice that speaks to our mind. Now how good is that? and who”s spirit is this?. The Spirit of Jesus the greatest teacher of them all. He is there for us forever! and will come closer than a lover. Now that is close, we need to get into the word of God and the more we do it. Our faith is increased, for what?

To claim this scripture as ours. Read John 14: 16-17. That puts us right inline with the word of God. You know what! then nothing is impossible for our God.15 - 1 raised christ


We all haveSkinSmoother choices to make. Adam was not deceived by the Devil. But he loved Eve so much, he chose her over God. The consequences for this world were earth shattering. God had made Adam a perfect companion, she was more than that. Eve was the love of Adam’s heart and he did not want to lose her.

That is why the Devil chose Eve, how could any man afford to lose such a beautiful woman who was perfect in every way.  But this was a man who had walked and talked with God in the garden. Which means that he knew God and yet the beauty of Eve won over his Lord and maker.

In Genesis chapter 39 verse 7. We see Joseph being tempted by Potiphar’s wife. In verse 8 Joseph declined her offer. To be a wife of such a high ranking official. She must have been very attractive and beautiful. But Joseph chose his God over her. A choice that would put him in prison for two years. Until he was remembered by the Kings cup bearer who knew Joseph could interpret dreams.

So Joseph was restored and blessed even more than he was before. You see he made the right choice and God favoured him. What is our God? television, sports, business, internet. What ever it is that we are choosing over God will be a wrong one. Put God first in every area of our lives and we will find his favour. And yes there is nothing wrong with a woman, providing we thank our maker for her. We were made to enjoy each other. 


One thing that should be seen in Christians is joy. After all we have been brought into the presence of God.

That should be enough to give us an insight. Into the full value of praise, that leads us into joy. We have a trinity that according to the word of God, lives within us. Our God is not miserable he is full of joy.

A joy that this unsaved world can not understand. A joy that will bubble up inside of us and when we let it, will show such a big smile on our face. If the promise of an entrance to the New Jerusalem, does not do it, then nothing will.

After all we shall be walking on streets paved with gold. And mansions to live in, and Jesus to praise with. No more sickness, no more death. And we shall hear singing in the streets of that city. We can bring a bit of heaven down on this earth. How? by praising and having joy that people will notice. Amen.

One of the things that we notice in the scriptures. Is that when Jesus was accused of something. The accusers were the very people who had this in themselves. The priests from the temple were usually in the forefront of this. A prime example of this is in Mathew chapter 12. verse 24. In this verse the pharisees stated that Jesus was casting out demons by Beelzebub. The ruler of demons, they were demonic enough to have Jesus killed.


untitle-the-stableIn Romans 12. verse 16. We are told to Be of the same mind toward one another: do not be haughty in mind. But associate with the lowly and do no be wise in your own estimation.

Mathew 11. verse. 29. Take my yoke upon you and “LEARN FROM ME” for i am gentle and humble in “HEART” and you will find rest for you souls.

30. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Look at the circumstances in which Jesus was born, it was a lowly stable and he had lowly parents. Go through the scriptures and learn how God used such people. The Angel Gabriel coming to Mary and telling this virgin that she was going to conceive. Notice also that she pondered, she did not argue she just said how can this be. In other words gave it much thought and then was obedient.

Joseph finds his future bride is pregnant and then to be told by an Angel. To take her as his bride. His first thoughts must have been, ” oh no” i must put her away. Can you imagine both of them telling their respective parents. About Angelic visits? their reaction would be, can you not have a better excuse than that!.

Two lowly people in obedience to words from God. The stable a lowly place, now that should tell us something. That we must learn to be meek and lowly. That is what Jesus meant when he said in Mathew 11. 29. “LEARN OF ME”

John 10. verse10.

FollowThe thief comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they might have life. And they they might have it more abundantly.

Look at the last bit of this scripture. It is telling us that we are first class citizens of heaven. Never mind what the world may think of us. We are not to live a life in fear or a second rate life.

Abundantly? as we immerse ourselves in the word of God. So we shall walk into the abundance of the word of God. That will mean for us to walk in the promises there. Take a read and you will find an abundance of them.

There is also a warning in Romans 12. verse 2.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds. That you may prove that which is good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. We are being  advised to not think as the world does. But to come in line with the perfect will of God.

That is the way to be in line with the word of God. Who helps us? the Holy Spirit, we must not try to out think him. That is the way of the world.

Isaiah 43.

jesus-is-the-reasonIsaiah chapter 43 verses 18-19.

In these verses  there is a direction  to for get the former things and not to dwell on the past.

18. Remember you not the former things. Neither consider  the things of old.

19. Behold i will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth and you will not know it. I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. NKV

One of our failings is to start going into the past. Be it ours or an others When we are saved God has done a new thing in our hearts and minds We are moving forward into a new life in him. Things should never look the same. We also have a new way of thinking.

That being the case, then we should not be thinking about situations and failures and mistakes we have made. That is a way to rob ourselves of our joy we find in our new life. People will remember us as we were and will talk to us about our past. Particularly if it is somebody we have upset or done wrong to.

They have to see that we have changed and to think i like what i see and hear. I would like to have some of that. That is our witness to the world, to see a lightness and a joy we have obtained. Do you think that Jesus said. Well i am only a carpenters son but i will try to help you.

The only people who would not recognize the change in him. Were people from his home town. They wanted to throw him over a cliff for daring to say who he was. They said this is the son of Joseph who we know well. They could not and would not see the change. The worst people to convince are often your own family.

Why? because they remember the former things and that is who we are in their eyes.

The popular gospel

There is a gospel preached today that does not convict.

The scriptures are meant to bring us into conviction

There will be 2.3.2015 - old selfsomething that is preached that should ring a bell somewhere. If it does not then it is a popular gospel. We all need a nudge from the Holy Spirit about something in our lives that needs to go.

A popular gospel will not do that. It is just nice to listen to and nothing within us will be brought to our mind. Do not get me wrong, a strong gospel should stir our hearts. also it will put us on the right path with God.

There needs to be Holy Ghost fire in a message. Enough to want us to hear more and get on our knees before God. And want to repent what we are convicted of.

“After this prayer, the meeting place shook, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. Then they preached the word of God with boldness.” Acts 4:31

This is what happened after a prayer like this.

Acts 4.29. And now Lord behold their threatening and grant unto your servants. That with all boldness they may speak your word.

30. By stretching forth your hands to heal: and that signs and wonders may be done. By the name of your Holy child Jesus.

That was a simple enough prayer. It is often the honest and short prayer that touches the heart of God. They asked in faith believing that the answer would come. Can we envisage that happening to ourselves.

Well my God is no respecter of persons. Faith in increased by hearing and reading the word of God. As we go deeper into the word of God and believe what it says. The buildings will shake and fire will come down from heaven.

Not only buildings, ourselves as well. That will be the spirit of God at work. Jesus promised it and none of his promises have been broken.

That voice

We are encouraged to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. But how do you listen to somebody that you do not really know? We should take heart when we read about Abraham a man who certainly did not know God. So how come the God spoke to Abraham, when Abraham did not know him?.

Well God knew he was a righteous man. When God speaks things happen, for instance, God spoke this world into existence. Have a look at Genesis and you will find “and God said”. that goes on until the forming of man. When he said ” let us make man according to our image”, we means plural. So there was somebody else with God.

That was Jesus, in the gospel of John chapter 1. verse 1. We read, In the beginning, was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. We start to see the beginning of the trinity. God spoke and the spirit of God did what was spoken.

So alright now how does that work out with us. We now have a New Testament that brings all three into play. We know that Jesus and God are the same and it is the spirit of God. The Holy Spirit that is working in our lives just like he did when the world was framed. That should thrill us to know that this is the same spirit that spoke to Abraham, Joseph and then led Jesus into the wilderness. Mathew chapter 4 Where the spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

The same spirit that confronted Saul ( Paul) on the road to Damascus and spoke to John on the isle of Patmos and told him to come up here. Then Revelation was revealed to him. Now in worldly terms that is some force to do all that.

Well, the same Holy Spirit called us and talks to us and instructs and teaches us. So we are in good company, something else? he loves us and will take us home someday. A teacher a lover and Jesus and God all rolled into one, Wow!. And if we allow him to teach us and let him increase and ourselves decrease. Then all those things that Jesus said we would do, will happen. Miracles signs and wonders? oh yes! they will. If Jesus said it, is as good as done.

There is a prophecy that is out. That God is speaking to the churches. Not in that dramatic voice that we would like to hear. But in that very quiet voice , just like it was to Elijah when he was in a cave. He had run away from Jezebel and God asked him what are you doing here.

Elijah was not in a right place with God. Fear does not belong to us. Are we waiting for the dramatic, instead of that gentle  voice?.

In 1 John chapter one verse seven. But if we walk in the light as he himself is in the light. We have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his son cleanses us from all sin. This a  dramatic statement from the throne of God, first of all, we have to walk in the light.

This is telling us that if we want to hear that voice, we are instructed to walk in the light. How do we do that? by coming away from darkness. Giving more time to the reading of the word. Getting closer to God and listening. Sounds simple, But this takes time and practice, but if that is what we really want. then as the saying goes. Just go for it and be patient, and it will happen. Need help? then ask the Holy Spirit, and this renowned teacher is there for us.

Jesus said in Mathew 11. verses 29-30

Take my yoke upon you and LEARN from me. For i am gentle and humble in heart. And you will find rest for your souls.. 30. For my yoke is easy and light.

So when we are struggling to hear his voice, we need to learn from him. I say again learn from him. Jesus is offering to teach us and learn about him. He said in verse 30. My yoke is easy and my burden is light.

So the yoke of learning from him is easy and light. Now Jesus said this and it is so true. We want to hear that voice, then we need to learn from him. We can remember the voices of our school teachers. because we spent time with them. Do it with Jesus and that voice will become so very real.