Listen to the Holy Spirit.

bible_lampIn the start of Revelations we see John being given the message to the seven churches. Each of them is told, that I know your works and then to be told. listen to what the spirit is saying to the church. We would do well to heed that command and do more listening than doing.

We can so easily fall into the trap of being to busy to listen. And if we find that difficult, then spend time with God and read his word. We will then become familiar with the voice of the Holy Spirit. Then we will go the divine way, not mans way. In these end times the Holy Spirit is looking for righteous and obedient churches so God can work in them.

Still do not feel you can does this?, then down on your knees and say. Lord Jesus I turn every aspect of my life over to you. whatever it takes to make me into the person you want me to be. Just do it! I often do this, and it works. Bit by bit line upon precept and I am changing, join me?.