Could this be the Christ.

John chapter 4. verse 29.

Come see a man who told me all the things I ever did. Could this be the Christ?. The first woman evangelist who had the courage to go into her home town and tell them this.

This woman who was a Samarian, who Jews had nothing to do with. She was at the well drawing water on her own. Because other women did not want to know her. Her background they all knew and this was the reason to isolate her.

Jesus knew it, that is why she said he told me all that I had done. They would be disturbed because a Jew had spoken to her. That is why they listened to her. Because it was not usual, we often find that Jesus would talk to somebody that others would not.

He knew what he was doing to get maximum attention. His disciples were more than a bit put out when they saw it. What is he doing they would say to themselves. They would know that for a woman to be on her own at a well, would mean she was being shunned.

Jesus knew that she would tell her home town and so once again he had used a situation that he knew would bear fruit. We would do well to take note of this. There are people who we might regard as not with us. That is an attitude that is wrong, if God leads us to speak to them. That is what we must do.

I have often ministered to tramps and it is surprising what is their background. These are the ones we should come alongside and the drug addicts, the alcoholics and the like. What we are really saying is that we are better than them. Well if Jesus said we are not, that should be good enough for us.fear