A new move of the Holy Spirit

We need to realize that the Holy Spirit is living in us. And the more we empty ourselves of self, the more he will be in us. Only the fact that we will refuse to let go of our old character can hinder him. I say hinder, but if God wants our full attention just like he did with Paul on the road to Damascus. Then nothing will stop him and what a privilege that is for us.

This means that the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords will visit us and reveal himself to us. The purpose of all this? is to give us his character. What is his character? look up the fruits of the Holy Spirit in Galatians chapter 5. There you will see the character of Jesus.


The Bridegroom

We often talk about Christ being the bridegroom that will marry his faithful saints. But do we really know the bridegroom?. We can know the scriptures by heart, but what about those  who reveal the bridegroom to us.

Do they really explain who he is, or do  we just pass them by. Because this is Jesus who wants to share his life with us. what is his character?. We need go no further that Galatians chapter 5. and see the fruits of the spirit in verses 22-23.

In there we see the character of Jesus. but you say I will have difficulty shaping up to that.  In our human nature yes it is hard, we need the help of the Holy spirit who will guide us into ALL things in spirit and in truth. Romans 12. verses 9-19 gives us a good way of living. This is the Holy way and the spirit of God will help us into this way.