Jesus prayed

That I will pray to the Father and he shall give you another comforter. That he may abide with you forever, even the Spirit of truth. Who the world can not receive because it sees him not. Neither knows him, but you know him for he dwells within you. And shall be in you

That is a promise that will never be broken. But listen to this promise. ” he will be with you forever” Wow what a promise from heaven. He is described as the Spirit of truth, which he is. He will only ever give us words that are in line with the word of God.

The world can not receive him because they see him not. The Holy Spirit can be seen interwoven in the word of God and he speaks to us if we will listen. The world does not believe in him and you can not receive something you do not believe in.

And the lovely bit he lives inside of us. He will speak whether it be in the word of God or a voice that speaks to our mind. Now how good is that? and who”s spirit is this?. The Spirit of Jesus the greatest teacher of them all. He is there for us forever! and will come closer than a lover. Now that is close, we need to get into the word of God and the more we do it. Our faith is increased, for what?

To claim this scripture as ours. Read John 14: 16-17. That puts us right inline with the word of God. You know what! then nothing is impossible for our God.15 - 1 raised christ


We all haveSkinSmoother choices to make. Adam was not deceived by the Devil. But he loved Eve so much, he chose her over God. The consequences for this world were earth shattering. God had made Adam a perfect companion, she was more than that. Eve was the love of Adam’s heart and he did not want to lose her.

That is why the Devil chose Eve, how could any man afford to lose such a beautiful woman who was perfect in every way.  But this was a man who had walked and talked with God in the garden. Which means that he knew God and yet the beauty of Eve won over his Lord and maker.

In Genesis chapter 39 verse 7. We see Joseph being tempted by Potiphar’s wife. In verse 8 Joseph declined her offer. To be a wife of such a high ranking official. She must have been very attractive and beautiful. But Joseph chose his God over her. A choice that would put him in prison for two years. Until he was remembered by the Kings cup bearer who knew Joseph could interpret dreams.

So Joseph was restored and blessed even more than he was before. You see he made the right choice and God favoured him. What is our God? television, sports, business, internet. What ever it is that we are choosing over God will be a wrong one. Put God first in every area of our lives and we will find his favour. And yes there is nothing wrong with a woman, providing we thank our maker for her. We were made to enjoy each other. 


One thing that should be seen in Christians is joy. After all we have been brought into the presence of God.

That should be enough to give us an insight. Into the full value of praise, that leads us into joy. We have a trinity that according to the word of God, lives within us. Our God is not miserable he is full of joy.

A joy that this unsaved world can not understand. A joy that will bubble up inside of us and when we let it, will show such a big smile on our face. If the promise of an entrance to the New Jerusalem, does not do it, then nothing will.

After all we shall be walking on streets paved with gold. And mansions to live in, and Jesus to praise with. No more sickness, no more death. And we shall hear singing in the streets of that city. We can bring a bit of heaven down on this earth. How? by praising and having joy that people will notice. Amen.

One of the things that we notice in the scriptures. Is that when Jesus was accused of something. The accusers were the very people who had this in themselves. The priests from the temple were usually in the forefront of this. A prime example of this is in Mathew chapter 12. verse 24. In this verse the pharisees stated that Jesus was casting out demons by Beelzebub. The ruler of demons, they were demonic enough to have Jesus killed.