No Divisions

We all look forward to a church where there are signs wonders and miracles. In 1 Corinthians chapter 1. Paul greets the church at Corinth. In verse 4. He states that he thanks God always concerning you. For the grace of God that was given to you by Christ Jesus.

5. That you were enriched in every thing by him, in all utterance and all knowledge This means that this church was moving forward in Christ Jesus. Spiritually they were they were so blessed beyond measure. Then they started to lose some of it.

So what went wrong?, they started to have divisions among themselves. When that starts in any church. Then do not look for the fruits of the Holy Spirit. They will have not been taken up, fruits of the spirit are the bedrock of the gifts. We have to be as one with no divisions if we want to see Jesus moving in the church. It will be no use asking where is he? Jesus is there alright, but we will have hindered him.

Today i was a bit under the weather.Not feeling quite right, so what did i do?. I had a praise session with Jesus, there is nothing like praise to dispel feelings of sickness. Praise God for he alone is worthy.

15 - 1 raised christ

In this last few days we have had a lot of turmoil in this country. There will have to be a healing and a coming together so that we can move forward as a country. We have as servants of the most high God the duty to pray.

Prayer can move mountains, there is nothing that can not come to pass as a result of prayer. I remember a time when it looked as if the U.K. army would be annihilated. The church bells rang and as many people as could went and prayed. The rest is history and it can happen again if we as Christians get on our knees and pray.

Jesus said in Luke chapter 19. verse 46. That my house shall be a house of prayer. Prayer can move and turn around any situation. Does not matter if it is a personal prayer or a church praying. Our God will listen, but he sees the bigger picture and will answer in his way and his time

I was at one time involved in active service. We all depended on one another. This is what a church should be. depending on Jesus, the gospels and each other in love. This is a love that we as humans can not understand. But when we are as one in the Holy Spirit we can.

As we look in Galatians chapter 5. We see the fruits of the Holy Spirit. charity,joy,peace, patience, kindness,goodness,forbearance,meekness,faith,modesty,abstinence,chastity. Against which there is no law. We need the help and guidance of the spirit of God. He will help and transform us to be the servants of God, we were made to be.

Then the unsaved in this world will run to the gospel of salvation. Then when we come home Jesus can say. Well done you true and faithful servants. We are all different and sometime we will rub each other up the wrong way. Then is the time to put our arms around each other and settle our differences. I say again no divisions.
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