In agreement.

If we are to see an advancement of the gospel: then we must agree with the Bible as it is written.

Revelation chapter 22. verses 18-19. States very clearly what the penalty will be for anyone who tries to alter the bible. Especially the prophetic words in revelation.

18. I testify unto every man (or woman) that hears the words of the prophesy of this book. If any man shall add onto them. God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.

19. And if any man ( or woman) shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the tree of life. And out of the Holy city which are written in this book.

Strong words and a very strong warning. Notice the tree of life which was in the Garden of Eden. It is there again, think about loosing all of that is promised to the people of God.

There is much preaching and teaching about today, that does not line up with the word of God. Test the spirit behind it and walk away. To agree with such teachings brings us into 18-19 of Revelation. We have far to much to lose. Listen to good teaching and take it to heart. That is where Jesus wants to be. In our hearts.

1 Samuel chapter 28. verse 7.  Then said Saul to his servants, seek me a woman who has a familiar spirit. That i may go to her and inquire of her. And his servants said to him there is a woman with a familiar spirit at En-dor.

Saul should have known better, because he inquired of God and got no answer. He should have asked why, and he had been disobedient to God and so he went elsewhere. If we are not getting answers from God we should ask ourselves why. Often it is the simplest thing that stands in the way. Something from our comfort zone. I know i have been there and worn the tee shirt.

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We often sing that song in our meetings.

But i wonder if we truly think about what it really means. There are so many choruses and hymns that we sing. Often out of knowing them and once sung and forgotten about. Until the next time around and then we will gladly sing them again.

  I am preacher, and i can tell you that a gospel message can be preached. Just on the content of one song. You see most of these were written by inspiration of the Holy spirit. Which means that there is message for all of us in these songs or hymns.

That is why,if i have not got any notes. Or asked to preach on the spot, i only need to pick one of these. Then the Holy Spirit ministers through me. Then there is conviction in that message. That will be for me as well.

Psalm 147. verse 1. Praise the Lord, for it is good to sing praises to our God. For it is pleasant and praise is becoming. Praise is so good for us, there is constant singing in Heaven. In praise and worship there is healing and restoration of relationships that have been lost.

I was once involved in a church that would praise for an hour at least. Then it was almost like changing gear as they slipped into worship. Worship would last about an hour. Then came the word, there was the fruits of the Holy Spirit in that place.

Now what is the difference between them and ourselves? nothing really. What they were doing so can we. Jesus is building his end time church and it will be full of praise and worship. Miracles and signs and wonders will be the norm. What a lovely place to be in, you see that church had dedicated themselves to praise and worship.

We can do the same it is the same Holy Spirit and Jesus will be in the middle of it. God will smile and say these are my people. They were bought by my son on the cross. So come on let us praise and worship and then be fed on the word of God. Now i do not know about you but i am all for that!.

In Joshua chapter 5. verses 13-15 Joshua was coming to Jericho, he met a man with a drawn sword. Joshua asked him are you for us or against us. The reply was i am the captain of the hosts. Joshua fell down and worshiped him. He was then told to take of his shoe because he was standing on Holy ground.

History records that Joshua went on to conquer Jericho. You see Joshua did what was asked of him. and after 7 marches around Jericho and the trumpet sounded and the people shouted. The walls came down and the city was taken. Modern day scientists who have examined the ruins. Tell us it must have been an earthquake, we know different it was the power of God.

Had any walls in front of us that do not seem to come down?. Then we must meet the captain of the hosts. Bow down and worship and then praise, the walls will come down. But we must stand on Holy ground, take our modern day shoes off. Then follow what the Lord tells us to do to the letter. What letter? the bible of course, there will be a scripture that will come to mind. Then praise, they will come down according to the word of God.


Mathew 11. verse 29. Take my yoke upon you. AND LEARN OF ME, for i am meek and lowly in heart. And you shall find rest for your souls.

30. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

I often include these two verses when i am preaching. We have to take this yoke, after all it is being offered. The big one is learn of me, who will teach us.  The Holy Spirit himself, there is no better teacher. So where is he going to lead us? Galatians 5. verses 22-23 the fruits of the Holy Spirit. This is the learn of me bit that we often find so hard.

It is the meek and lowly that we struggle with most. The world takes the opposite view. Like be yourself, we are asked here to lose self and gain Christ through being lowly and meek. Notice it says in the heart. God looks at the heart but we think of the mind. How many times have we been distracted from Godly thoughts by our mind. More often than we admit to, then is the time to cry help to the Holy Spirit. He will come he never fails to.

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Arrows in the Hand of the Almighty
by Femi Onabanjo      
4/07/2016  /  Devotionals

As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth” (Ps. 127:4)

Children are a blessing to their parents, a source of joy, laughter and hope. They can also be a source of deep pain, embarrassment and regret (Prov. 17:25). As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, shaped for a purpose, aimed in a direction and expected to cooperate with him to achieve same, so are children in the hands of their parents (and especially fathers). But, dear reader, have you considered that you are not only an arrow in the hand of a mighty man (your father) but an arrow in the Hand of the Almighty, who is your heavenly Father? We all are God’s creation, but our lives take on new meaning, a special status, when we come into a Father-child relationship with Him. It is a new beginning, a new birth, and then the scripture above takes on new significance for us.

So, you are an arrow. An arrow is designed for a purpose. Carefully crafted, and not created by chance. Men may create children by chance but God does not. Jer. 1:5 tells us this much “Before I made you in your mother’s womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I chose you for a special work. I chose you to be a prophet to the nations”. You are not just an arrow but an arrow with a mandate, a man or woman on a mission. You have a pre-assigned target. Like your genetic code is embedded in your DNA, so is your spirit already programmed with this information; it is called your ‘purpose’. It is noteworthy that an arrow does not have two targets. It is made for a specific target. God’s purpose for our lives is always very specific and clear-cut. You know without doubt when you discover it. It is unique and has your name written all over it. It is not a replica or a prototype. It is one of a kind. Have you found your own purpose (or are you still trying to copy someone else’s)? What is that special work that you have been created for (Eph. 2:10)? You must find out.

But of what use is an arrow that knows its target and chooses to head elsewhere? An arrow that ‘reprograms’ itself and will not do the bidding of the archer. A practical impossibility, you may say. Even if it were to be possible, the arrow would either break itself or be broken by the archer. That is just the point. Do we not break ourselves by resisting God’s will for our lives? When we think we know better than our Maker and decide to do things our own way, in our own strength or for our own glory? Do we not struggle with the Archer as He points us toward our target, squirming to get out of the bow the very object that would propel us to our destination? We wear ourselves out and deform our lives (possibly other lives, too), we damage the bow (the beautiful opportunities, privileges, circumstances designed for our good), hurt the Archer and delay or even abort the entire process.

There is no benefit in not yielding; only loss and regret. The only thing more costly than obedience is disobedience. Friend, discover your purpose then throw yourself into it with abandon. Step into it with total surrender to His Will wherever it may lead you and whatever it may cost you. God is an astute businessman. He deals only for profit. If you give Him your full cooperation, He will ensure that you have no regrets. Not ‘no pain’, because where there’s no pain, there’s no gain. You must carry a cross before you wear a crown. Not ‘no loss’, because “He who loses his life for My sake shall find it”. But ‘no regrets’, because “Everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake, will receive a hundred times more and will be given eternal life” (Matt. 19:29).

Do you know what target you were made for? Have you discovered it but are unwilling to pay the price? Or you do not even agree that it is a possible target? Perhaps you are looking at the wrong things. Do not consider your weakness, lack of education, poor health, spent years, or even your youth. Neither consider your wisdom, skill, strength or ability. One may make you discouraged and the other self-confident. Paul’s advice is: “Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from beginning to end” (Heb. 12:2). As you learn to yield to your Father’s Hand, you will find Him shaping you to perfection, removing everything that will hinder your flight. You will find yourself more narrowed to the tip, streamlined to remove excesses and rough edges, sharpened in Grace and ability, primed for performance and positioned for success. Success, you must realize now, is no longer defined by you a function of your passions, desires or ambition. It derives from fulfilment of your divine purpose. This is the pride of every arrow, the joy of the Archer and the glory of submission to the Divine Will. It cannot happen outside of the Master’s design and it will not happen without your total surrender. Be that arrow that knows its mission. The arrow that meets its mark. Be that arrow in the Hand of the Almighty.

Lord, help me to surrender to Your purpose and plan for my life. I realize that my life is not my own and that I have a destiny to fulfil. I give you my full cooperation in all that You desire to do in and through me. Have Your way. Amen

Femi is a Christian who desires to be fruitful for God. He wants to contribute to the growth of the Kingdom and to this end, it is his joy to freely share whatever the Lord lays on his heart for the benefit of others.

Article Source: and FaithReaders.com

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