In old testament times a Jewish man would take animal the best of what he had and it would be slain and the blood from that animal would be put on the altar. This would be the offering for the whole family.
In this new testament times we offer ourselves to God at the moment of our salvation. At baptism we rise out of the water likening ourselves to the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.
There it then a cleansing process that the word of God and the ministry of the Holy spirit leads us into. Is it not wonderful that the Holy Spirit ministers to us bringing the word and the purpose of God into our lives. In 1 John Verse 7. It says
But if we walk in the light as he is in the light. We have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin.
The Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus are a ministry to us that work together. Did you see what that verse says. Cleansed from all sin, now that really is something. So what about this wonderful and divine ministry that comes from the throne of Grace. As they minister to us ( Yes that is you and me ) the Holy Spirit teaches us about the fullness of the blood of Jesus. When we grasp this glorious truth and apply it to our lives. We are moving into a spiritual realm we have not been in before
Job Chapter 27 verse 6. My righteousness i hold fast and i will not let it go. My heart will not reproach me as long as i live. This talks about our conscience as being heart felt. So the Holy Spirit talks to us and our minds are renewed and the next thing? Our hearts of course sprinkled with the blood of Jesus. Washed clean in the blood of the lamb. That is the care and love that our God has for us. So that when we present ourselves to him we are Holy as he is Holy. Now this takes some working on. The best bit? we have the greatest teacher in the whole of the universe and the blood of Jesus which is as fresh and as warm as the day he shed it and will be forever! oh Glory to the Lamb what a God we serve and he sends his Spirit to us. Now i do not know about you but i say it does not come any better than that. Amen.



2nd Corinthans chapter 4. verse 7.

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves.

This is a verse that shows that even in our weaknesses and sometimes when we lack full faith.

God entrusted his power to us. That alone should make us proud that the creator of this earth will trust us. Knowing full well that those who will obey his commands. Will walk the walk and not just the talk, that they will let more of him come into us. As we have less of self, allowing the Holy Spirit to manifest himself.

A s we do that the full power of God will transform our lives to be the righteous persons that God is looking for. God made a covenant with Abraham because he was righteous. And now many years down the line he is looking to offer the same choice.

In our old human nature we could not receive this. But God trusted certain humans to alter and receive this covenant. Now that is this awesome trinity willing us to receive the fullness of the trinity.

Father,son and Holy ghost and the full power of the blood of Jesus. On offer to all who will take it up. Now that is power, divine power and there is nothing in this world to match it. No atom bomb and the like comes anywhere near it.

As this world is fearful of the full power of a nuclear war and afraid of the nations that have them. The divine power that is in a true born again word believing saint, will spread around this world and there is one person from this trinity that will return to this earth, Jesus himself.

Cut in on a conversation of an unbeliever talking to his friends. Look at this, the Jesus that his saints have been preaching about. Look at his glory and feel the power. Will he introduce us to God?, no you see because they say he is God. Christians were taught by his spirit, now that is going to take some taking in. Three in one,wow such power, such love and full of grace.
All because God trusted us with his word, our belief in his son and we listened to the Holy Spirit. Now that is real power Holy Ghost style, one thing more we had better move in this power. Or else we are nothing else but a damp firework that will not light!

A work in progress

We are a work in progress because every day the Holy Spirit will convict us of something of our old self that has to go. From the day that we were born again this has been going on and will continue until we have a Christ like nature. Ever had that feeling when you are in prayer, that the Holy Spirit is trying to tell you something.

He is trying to remove blockages that would stop us from having prayer answered. This will eventually bring us into a full intimacy with our Lord and maker. We have an old nature that will try to fight this. But the spirit of God will never give up, and he will keep on giving us a nudge until we listen.


Take my yoke

15 - 1 raised christJesus said in Matthew chapter 11. verses 28-30.

28. Come to me all you who labour and are heavy laden, and i will give you rest. Notice he calls people to come to him. That is the first step on a heavenly journey that is a love walk.

29. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for i am gentle and lowly at heart. And you will find rest for your souls. Jesus is offering his yoke here. A  yoke is for two, he then goes on to say, learn from me.

The greatest teacher in the whole of the universe is offering to teach us. What an offer! it is certainly a no brainer. Learn to be gentle and lowly, that is the opposite of pride. It is pride that will try and stop us from learning the word of God.

To come across a gentle and lowly person in this corrupt and aggressive world is like finding a jewel. They do not lie nor steal or become war like.

This what Jesus is offering us, to give him our burdens. As he says my burden is light and his yoke is easy.

A ll this is an incredible offer from the King of Kings the Lord of Lords. Now they do not come better than that.

The bonus bit in all of this? learn from me, how could we turn such an offer down.

How Excellent




The first verse of Psalm 8. sets the tone for this wondefull psalm.

Oh Lord, our Lord how excellent is your name in all the earth.

You who set your Glory above the heavens. Listen to it, our Lord and that what he is. He is the Lord of all those who have accepted him into their hearts. Notice i said hearts not mind. This is where we can know of him in our minds. But we need to know him as a reality in our hearts.

1 Peter chapter3. verse 4. But let it be the hidden person of the heart with the incorruptable ornament of a gentle and quite spirit which is very precious in the sight of God.

It is in the heart that we retain the word of God. Because when we do this , this is when we act on the word of God.  We can have as much head knowledge as can handle. But if it is not settled in our hearts, then when God asks us to do something. That is in line with his word.

The first thing we will do is to think about the consequences. But when we have that word in our hearts. Then we shall just do whatever is being asked of us.bible_lamp

That is where we can go wrong, when we put our own thoughts on what God has asked us to do. Then we open ourselves up to fear and the vision and the command is lost. Who comes with fear, certainly not God. It is the devil himself that loves to destroy or hamper kingdom authority.

But that can only happen if we let him. Kingdom authority means just that.  We just have to say, it is written and quote the scripture that lines up with what we are doing. And he will flee from this area, to flee means to run away fast. Do not let him linger and stay around, if this happens. Then plead your faith in the blood of Jesus at the devil. AND HE WILL GO!.


Could this be the Christ.

John chapter 4. verse 29.

Come see a man who told me all the things I ever did. Could this be the Christ?. The first woman evangelist who had the courage to go into her home town and tell them this.

This woman who was a Samarian, who Jews had nothing to do with. She was at the well drawing water on her own. Because other women did not want to know her. Her background they all knew and this was the reason to isolate her.

Jesus knew it, that is why she said he told me all that I had done. They would be disturbed because a Jew had spoken to her. That is why they listened to her. Because it was not usual, we often find that Jesus would talk to somebody that others would not.

He knew what he was doing to get maximum attention. His disciples were more than a bit put out when they saw it. What is he doing they would say to themselves. They would know that for a woman to be on her own at a well, would mean she was being shunned.

Jesus knew that she would tell her home town and so once again he had used a situation that he knew would bear fruit. We would do well to take note of this. There are people who we might regard as not with us. That is an attitude that is wrong, if God leads us to speak to them. That is what we must do.

I have often ministered to tramps and it is surprising what is their background. These are the ones we should come alongside and the drug addicts, the alcoholics and the like. What we are really saying is that we are better than them. Well if Jesus said we are not, that should be good enough for us.fear

Psalm 16.

Verse 3. Commit your works to the Lord and your thoughts shall be established.

Short brief and simple, but very true. No matter what we are doing from morning until night. There are so many things that we have to do.

It is very easy to get caught up in the momentum of it all. That we can forget the Lord Jesus..

If we worship and thank God in whatever we are doing. We are in fact praising him.

That brings us into the throne room 24-7. Continually before the Lord and  the more time we spend with him. The more we get to know him and he gets to know us.

Verse 16. How much better it is to obtain wisdom than gold. And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.

If you have ever seen gold and silver refined or indeed iron ore. You will see the heat that is used to take the slag away from the end result. It is the same with us, a lot of unwanted thoughts and actions. That the Holy Spirit will take away from us, hence the term Holy Ghost fire.

As we spend time with God we gain wisdom and understanding. To thank God in everything we do. Takes some practice, but it is the way to go. When we ask for discernment we are getting wisdom from the throne of Grace. Nothing beats that or ever will.


The Heart

The heart is where our true self comes from. God talks about the heart many times in the scriptures. The world would say, that a certain thing a person had a heart to do it.

So what is in our hearts is what we really are. For instance a person who is easily offended and constantly grumbles about it. What is behind it all is pride ( how dare you say such a thing to me) it is how we deal with situations like this that matters to God.

So who is behind pride, Lucifer was such a beautiful angel, that his beauty got the better of him. He began to admire himself and the position he had in heaven. That turned into thinking that he could be everything that God was. So the heart of Lucifer began to be filled with pride.

Ezekiel chapter 28 verse 14. 17. You were the anointed cherub who covers and I placed you there. You were on the Holy mountain of God. You walked in the midst of the stones of fire.

Verse 17. Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty. You corrupted your wisdom by reason of you splendor. I cast you to the ground, I put you before Kings that they may see you. LASB.

There we see how God hates pride, and how we must deal with it and all of the consequences. One of the problems in churches today is just this. And it needs to be settled before we can move on into the will of God. That means becoming Christ like, on our own that is not possible. But with the help of the Holy Spirit it can be done.

Religion would have us say otherwise, we would do well to remember that is was religion that killed Christ. It will seek to stop any real moves of the Holy Spirit. We need to throw the shackles off and walk into the freedom that God has for us. In this day and age people will start looking to the church for answers. Only14 - 1 My prayer for you16 - god can save Spirit filled churches will do that.


In the very first verse in Philippians we find. It says Paul and Timothy servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. What a statement! here is Paul saying that his spiritual son was to minister alongside him.

There are many ministries today that need a Timothy to come alongside of them. To be a minister or Pastor takes a great deal of time and work. Hence the need for more like  Timothy. Up for the challenge? if so study the word of God and see if that is where you are being led. If you get the call, then go for it and pray with your leader to see if you are in agreement. If you are, he will be well pleased.

In this day and age there will be more of a need for people to come alongside whoever God has put in authority in his church. There is a new move coming that will turn the church on its head. There will be opposition that will come from religion. That means those in leadership will get it first. They will need their Timothy”s and whoever supports them will be blessed.


The terrible events in Manchester and London. Have highlighted the need for prayer. There are so many needs that have come about as a result of these things. People who have lost loved ones who have been suddenly taken out of their lives. Leaving a vacuum that can not be filled and the shock that goes with it. The anger that follows and the thought that where is your God now.

Counsellors do a great job, but when that finishes, there is the thought that where do I go now. Churches were meant to be a place where you could go for guidance and comfort. and of course to find God at the divine appointed time. There is a time that was just right for all of us. We need to recognise that love is the first priority. People that have been through such trauma need love. Not religion and not man made rules.

This is the challenge that is facing the people of God today. how to show the same love and compassion that Jesus showed. The answer is more simple than we think. We need to empty ourselves of self, and let Christ come in. Then they will meet the real Jesus not a man made one. You see Jesus berated the Laodicea church for being lukewarm . With the comment, i will spew you out of my mouth. Translation ( you make me sick)!

That is one area that we do not need to be in. Hence the need for much prayer.